Film in review: “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer”


The Winonan’s film reporter gives this movie 5/5 stars.

Noah Mruz, Film Reviewer

Getting healthier, whether it is mentally or physically is always good. We all strive to become our best selves, and we sometimes resort to strange means to do just that. Comedian Bert Kreischer set out to become more sound in his new Netflix show “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer”. If you’re not familiar with Kreischer, his stand-up comedy usually consists of his struggles as a parent and his partying, all while being onstage shirtless. Kreischer has a childlike innocence to him when it comes to the world; if he is not familiar with something, he always seems excited to learn while trying to crack some jokes along the way. “The Cabin” is reminiscent of MTV’s “Jackass” while also maintaining a grounded and comedic heart inside of the reality TV style.

In each episode, Kreischer invites some of his friends to experience the different types of meditative practices he is exploring. His comfort in the people he invites only adds to the comedic elements in the show. Moments where they are attempting to milk a goat or go fishing are hilarious because they are just having fun. Each episode is a window into Kreischer’s different friendships and reminiscent of what it is like to just have fun doing various activities with friends. At its heart, “The Cabin” is a show about having fun with friends, no matter what the situation is. Some jokes fall a little flatter than others; most episodes feature bits where Kreischer is naked that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. While there is no explicit nudity, it is more than you would expect when watching the trailer.

The show‘s heart is a strong and compelling element of the show. At the end of Kreischer’s day with his friends, they will sit around a campfire and talk about what they enjoyed and what they did not about that day. Bert Kreischer can come across as dumb and childish during the earlier part of the show, but he shows his strong introspective side a lot in these episodes. The following sentence features a slight spoiler: one episode in particular has a truly heartbreaking moment when Kreischer realizes and discusses how he has never seen his dad starstruck before talking with his dad’s hero, Caitlyn Jenner. It is a really emotional moment, with similar moments shown throughout the five-episode series.

As mentioned before, there were some moments that felt a little off for me. Scenes where Kreischer is on FaceTime with his wife, LeeAnn, feel scripted and slightly out of place. It is technically a reality TV show, but most of the other moments feel genuine since Kreischer is very genuine in his actions, almost to a fault. The editing of the show can also be very fast paced and feels as if it would have benefited to slow down some scenes. However, there was never a moment where I was not entertained or delighted by the show. Each scene offers something funny, heartfelt or insightful and—in times of COVID-19—humor is a relief.

Bert Kreischer brings a breath of fresh air to this turbulent time we are living in. With elections coming up (go vote) and a pandemic (wash your hands), “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” is something we can all enjoy and relax with. If Bert can take a break from working and partying, then you can definitely take a break for five episodes at 22 minutes an episode. I am giving “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” a 5 out of 5 stars, despite some moments I would have changed. There is no perfect without imperfection.