Celebrating fall in Winona: weekend activities


Mohammed Islam

The views from Lake Park in the fall are incredible. Many students take the opportunity to get exercise while walking around the large lake in Winona.

Mohammed Islam, Photo Editor

Many students and community members take time out of their day to shop at this small but famous bakery. Bloedow’s Bakery has been in business since 1924 and serves pastries, donuts, breads and more. (Mohammed Islam)


While the Minnesota Marine Art Museum is free for students on Tuesdays, most frequent the art museum during their free hours on the weekend. Here, students have the opportunity to look at art from a variety of artists. (Mohammed Islam)


On weekends, you can see many students sitting inside the town’s coffee shops. Here, at Blooming Grounds, students sit in booths and at tables as they wait for their coffee and study for midterms. (Mohammed Islam)


On Saturday mornings at Levee Park, Winona hosts a farmer’s market that invites sellers from around the midwest. Here, people can purchase produce, baked goods, flowers, honey and more. (Contributed by Kristen Carrie)