Freshman linebacker talks college football adaptations

Freshman linebacker talks college football adaptations

Christopher Edwards, Sports Reporter

Coming in as a freshman at any college or university can be scary because you’re moving typically in to a whole new area with new people.

This was not a concern for first-year linebacker Dejon Hall. Hall was heavily recruited by the special teams and linebackers coach Rocco DiMeco since his junior year at Roseville Area High School.

Coach DiMeco said that relationships are built on trust and this is what got Hall’s attention.

DiMeco also said he really pushed the importance of getting to know Hall outside of football and he said he did this by getting to know his mom and having steady communication through the recruiting process.

Besides their personal relationship, Hall also believed in his position coach because of his coaching and military experience.

This led to Hall choosing Winona State because he “trusted him the most out of all my recruiters to develop me not only as a great athlete but as a great man in life as well, I feel with his connects with the D1 programs and with his hard coaching I could one day fulfill my dream of playing pro someday.”

Head Coach Tom Sawyer said he feels he’s going to be “good” and “one of those guys that we’re counting on, to really grow in this defense”.

Coach DiMeco said that their defense linebackers have a lot of responsibilities.

Some of those are that they “have to make a ton of calls, a ton of checks, things like that so they really got to be a good student of the game and learn not only our system but they have to learn not only our system but they have to learn and understand offenses and how offense operate”.

Fourth-year linebacker Devon Moore has taken Hall under his wing to help him adjust to these responsibilities and understand the defense.

“He [Moore] has broken down film with me and trained with me to make me great”, Hall said. “He feels I have the potential to be playing next year and be on that bus.”

Hall said Moore has been a big help outside of football as he gave Hall tips on how to be a black student athlete on campus.

Hall also feels that his transition from high school has been easy because of COVID and online classes.

Even though the transition hasn’t been difficult, it’s been a hard pill to swallow for him that the season is likely cancelled.

Hall said this was upsetting for him because he was looking forward to proving himself and earning his spot.

He also said it’s more separated in the locker room and “it’s just not the same vibe”.

But, on the bright side as Hall said, “we get a year to get stronger, faster and explosive to develop our self as athletes for the upcoming year”.

When play does resume for the Warriors, Hall believes he’ll be counted on to come in on third downs at the Mike or Will position.

To ensure he gets this opportunity he’ll have to “work hard in the weight room and go hard on special teams,” Hall said.