Student Senate discusses new events for campus

Sophia Sailer, Editor-in-Chief

On March 16, Winona State University’s Student Senate discussed the creation of an International Night event and an upcoming mental health day.
Asanthika Thissanathan, International Club President, was the one to suggest there be an international night.
The event would follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines but would have international cultural foods available for free to students or faculty.
Student Senate also discussed a proposed mental health day for March 31, which would alleviate stress and pressure that students are facing due to COVID.
The motion was approved.
Elise Gort, a second-year double majoring in elementary education and Spanish, is a member of Student Senate and voted on the motion.
Gort said voting on motions like this is an opportunity for her to be a voice for the student body, which is why she joined Student Senate.
“I wanted to be a part of Student Senate because I knew it would be a good opportunity for my voice to be heard, and for me to represent the voices of my classmates and friends at Winona State,” Gort said.
Gort also said her favorite part as a student senator is the ability to witness change.
“I have gotten to be a part of a lot of projects that will go on to benefit students which is really rewarding to see,” Gort said.
Calli Roers, a first-year therapeutic recreation major, is a Senator At-Large and explained how Student Senate has changed since COVID.
“Student Senate has moved all its meeting to a Zoom format. While convenient, [Zoom] takes away some of the personal connection between senators and administration,” Roers said.
Roers also said that since she lives in Wisconsin, if COVID regulations were loosened, she could move back to the Winona State campus.
Josie Groebner, a third-year student double majoring in political science and public administration, is a junior class representative on Student Senate.
Groebner discussed what she hopes to accomplish in her first year as a member of Student Senate.
“I hope that I am able to advocate for students and what they need, while also making sure that we stay safe on campus and in the community. I am able to provide a contact to Student Senate and be used as a resource. Even if I don’t know how to solve a problem, I will work to find people that can,” Groebner said.
Groebner also said she hopes to interact more with her peers once students can safely go back to in-person learning on campus.