Women’s soccer falls to UW-Parkside in opener


Sophia Sailer

WSU Women’s soccer team suffered a defeat to University of Wisconsin-Parkside in the season opener, 3-1, on Friday, Sept. 3 at Altra Credit Federal Union Stadium.

Teresa Anderson

Winona State University’s women’s soccer team lost to University of Wisconsin-Parkside in the season opener, 3-1.
While playing through light rainfall, Winona State entered the game aggressively, scoring in the 11th minute by third-year forward Jaida Weige and an assist from graduate student doubling as a midfielder and forward Missy Greco. Shortly after, Parkside equalized the scoreboard by a fast break from first-year midfielder Isabelle Rivera.
During the first half, Winona State heavily played on their opponent’s side, but in the 23rd minute, Parkside scored on a penalty kick, raising the score 2-1.
Despite trailing behind, the Warriors pressured Parkside, utilizing key plays, such as corner and free kicks to create more opportunities to score.
The Warriors forced the opposing goalie to work hard within the first 45 minutes of play with dangerously close shots knuckled away from Parkside’s crossbar.
At the end of the first half, the score read 2-1, Parkside.
Starting the second half, Winona State mirrored their efforts from the first half, energized from their break, but Parkside answered with multiple shots on goal within the first ten minutes. In the 24th minute, Parkside scores off a penalty kick after Greco is penalized with a yellow card. The scoreboard shifts, 3-1, Parkside.
The Warriors, determined, push their offensive line up, attempting shots up until the last minute of the game. In total, 18 shots and 10 shots on goal, outshooting Parkside 18-11.
Among the four game leaders for Winona State, Ashley Hewitt, third-year forward, shot three times with two shots on goal. In Hewitt’s first real season of soccer after an ACL injury and COVID-19, she comments on her team’s overall play.
“I thought we had a lot of opportunities and were very aggressive with the ball, just couldn’t finish the goal,” Hewitt said. “We will also be sure to come back with intensity and a passion to show the other team what we can really do when we play our game.”
Parkside used a 4-4-2 diamond formation against Winona State’s 3-5-2, causing an opening for
Winona State’s outside players to make key movement up the field. Hewitt notes utilizing their wingbacks’ space would help land more of Winona State’s shots on goal.
“Next time, we need to switch the point of attack more to our wingbacks (outside players) because they were the ones open in this game,” Hewitt said.
In agreement with Hewitt, Weige, who scored Winona State’s only goal, commented on the team’s performance.
“I thought we need to work on playing more simply and fast instead of playing panicked,” Weige said. “I’m happy that this game will just give us more drive and motivation to come our way harder in the second game to prove ourselves.”
Although the Warriors lost their season opener after winning three scrimmages before Friday afternoon’s game, the pressure is on for the team to redeem themselves in their next match.
“We were definitely sad about the outcome, especially because we know we can play much better than what we showed against Parkside,” Hewitt said. “But, we did learn some things we need to work on in order to be prepared for our next game, so I am excited to play the way I know we can and the way we have been training.”
Winona State’s record reads 0-1 after the first game and 0-0 in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. The Warriors play another home nonconference game Friday, Sept. 10 against Northern Michigan University at 5p.m.