Letter to the Editor: Barry Peratt

Barry Peratt

I am writing in response to an article about me that appeared in the Winonan, “Tenured professor receives student criticism over language in their syllabus.”

Several students have approached me confused, because the man portrayed in the article does not at all comport with their experience of me as a person. I will let that speak for itself.

I have also been alerted to some brand new entries on RateMyProfessors.com that speak of the supposedly unsafe environment in my Math 115 class. The problem is, I have never taught Math 115. I will let that speak for itself as well.

I insisted on an email interview so that there is an unambiguous written record of my comments, which I forwarded to several witnesses on the day of the interview.

My full, unedited answers to Sophia’s interview questions can be found on My Worldview webpage. I believe the reader will find the context surrounding the Winonan quotes of me to be quite illuminating.

The incredibly supportive emails I have received from faculty, staff, and students, including many I have never met, give me hope that intellectual diversity is still valued by some at WSU.

Thank you and God bless you all!

– Barry Peratt