Olson, Hytry and Rieken win Student Senate election


hoto from Malorie Olson, Anya Hytry and Dylan Rieken’s Student Senate campaign. Pictured left to right: Hytry, Olson and Rieken. The trio ran for Winona State’s Student Senate leadership positions and are poised to fill those roles this coming fall.

Olivia Prondzinski, News Reporter

The results of the 2022 Winona State University Student Senate (WSUSS) election are in! Malorie Olson, Anya Hytry and Dylan Rieken’s campaign won the three executive board positions for WSUSS which consists of president, vice president and treasurer.

The newly elected members were asked for an interview but have collectively declined for the time being.

Student Senate President elect, Olson, is a third-year social studies education major. Olson said during the campaign she decided to run for president because she is passionate about Winona State students and specifically, their mental health.

“My three years on Student Senate have been rewarding and in- spiring, and I would be honored to lead this group,” Olson expressed during the campaign.

Olson took to social media after the results of the election were announced to thank everyone who voted and helped the trio with their campaign.

“We loved meeting so many students and hearing the needs of various clubs. We would not be here without all of the love and support we received over the last few weeks,” Olson wrote.

Hytry, WSUSS vice president elect, is a third-year student majoring in accounting. Hytry said during the trio’s campaign that they each wanted to make a positive change on campus and advocate for all students.

“My previous term as a chair has been such an awesome experience and I am so excited to have this opportunity to lead a great group,” Hytry stated. Hytry also thanked voters and peers for the opportunity to run alongside Olson and Rieken via social media.

Rieken, WSUSS treasurer elect, is a third-year student majoring in cell and molecular biology.

“I love advocating for students and enjoy the discussions that come up with it,” Rieken said. “My previous year on senate has been impactful, and I want to continue to do great with this group work.”

The three candidates acquired many student endorsements and will officially take on the positions at the beginning of the 2022 fall semester.

Mass communication student Mercedes Johnson ran the campaign’s social media and said the candidates are true team players and want what is best for Winona State students.

“During the campaign, I got to know them personally. I was able to see how they carried themselves and it was evident that they would make a great Student Senate Executive Board,” Johnson said.

Johnson commented that she feels with their years of experience on WSUSS the trio will get a lot done during the upcoming school year.

Student Senate is a great way for students to showcase their leadership skills at Winona State. In addition to the three executive positions, there are 28 senator positions representing each college, class and the general student population at-large. In order to become a Student Senator, a student must have a 2.0 cumulative GPA at the time of election, cannot be on disciplinary probation at Winona State and must be able to complete the duties outlined in the WSUSS Constitution. To win a WSUSS election, candidates must adhere to the WSUSS campaign rules and earn the most votes for the seat they are running for.

Along with senator positions, there are also associate senators. Associate senators do not get a vote in general WSUSS meetings, but their votes do count when drafting committee recommendations.