Letter to the editor: A response to The WSUFA from The WSU College Republicans

Letter to the editor: A response to The WSUFA from The WSU College Republicans

The WSU College Republicans Club is dedicated to creating a safe space for all. The insinuation that our club “creates a climate that is not inclusive and is not safe” is not only incorrect, but dangerous rhetoric.

The WSUFA’s claim to “support everyone’s right to entertain and discuss dissenting opinions” and then turn around and encourage people to avoid campus the day of our event is hypocritical and disappointing. Ms. Ekpunobi herself encourages those who disagree with her to attend this event, stating “To the faculty and students who feel threatened by my presence, come to the speech, talk to me face-to-face, and actually express your opinions.”

The WSU College Republicans Club truly does believe in the importance of engaging in civil discourse and fostering an environment where everyone can voice their opinions, in accordance with our first amendment rights.

Ms. Ekpunobi responded to last week’s statement saying “Universities are meant to be places where your opinions are challenged… where you bring on different speakers of different backgrounds… to come and speak to you and see what resonates with you. And if my speech doesn’t resonate with you, that is okay. But to turn around and say that my speech is harmful, or derogatory, or asserts a position that is going to commit an act of harm against anybody is false.”

We encourage everyone, both students and faculty, to attend this event and engage in proper civil discourse.

It is disheartening to receive hateful comments and backlash from faculty members who are supposed to be providing an inclusive environment for everyone on this campus to voice their beliefs. By making these statements, The Winona State Faculty Association has, in turn, marginalized students and faculty with different and diverse opinions.

The WSU College Republicans Club Board