Students start new mass communication club


Mercedes Johnson

The first meeting of Winona State University’s new mass communication club. Yet to have an official name, the club meets Mondays from 3 to 4 p.m in Phelps 101.

Sierra Larson, News Reporter

There is a new mass communication club at Winona State University. Its name has yet to be finalized, but Patrick Lichty, assistant professor of creative digital media and club advisor, offered a couple possibilities.

Among these possibilities are Mass Comm-Unity and The Digital Media Production Club. Lichty serves as an advisor to this new club and spoke on his main goal as an advisor.

“My goal as the advisor is to create a space that is welcoming for everyone who’s interested in creation and the industry of digital media and media communication,” Lichty said.

While Lichty is an advisor of the club, the club is primarily run by its student members.

In the future, the club’s activities will include case studies, projects and speakers. The club may also organize ways to support the 48 Hour Film Dash.

The mass communication club also hopes to support the International Digital Media and Arts Association (IDMAA) Festival, which the club is affiliated with.

Currently, the club is free to join, but may require a very minimal entrance fee to be involved with the IDMAA Festival.

One student, Kyra Lepsch, is a part of this club. Lepsch is a fifth-year senior and is majoring in mass communication with a creative digital media emphasis. Lepsch also has an individualized studies minor. Lepsch spoke of what resources she hopes students in the club will work with.

“I want students to be able to use resources that we don’t always get to use in class like the photo developing labs, 3D printers or get some hands-on experience with the drones we have on campus,” Lepsch said.

The club would also like to draw more attention to the CDM Festival that mass communication hosts every year. Another goal of this club is to make Phelps Hall more enjoyable by adding art and decorations throughout the building.

Lepsch noted how the main target audience for the club is mass communication students, but that the club is open to all students, regardless of their major. As of now, the club has a total of ten members.

The mass communication club is currently meeting on Mondays from 3 to 4 p.m. They meet in Phelps 101. The frequency of the meetings is still being determined.

Students who are interested in this club can contact Lichty or Lepsch. Students can also attend one of the meetings.

There are many benefits to joining this club, a couple of which Lepsch described.

These benefits included getting more hands-on experience and gaining a wider variety of the skills that are used in production.

Lichty also described why students should join this new mass communication club.

“What else have you got to do? Well, I mean, we’re hoping to be able to get students a wider experience of digital media culture, production, industry, and that sort of thing which goes beyond the classroom,” Lichty said.