The fast, furious and fantastic films of the 48-Hour Video Dash


Jiovani Bermudez

Winona State students posing with their award for Best Picture at the 2023 annual “48-Hour Video Dash” with thier film, “Good Mournin’”. Pictured from left to right: Isaac Tepolt, Jayden Tummel, Lilly Rowland and Julia Moran.

Madeline Mill, News Reporter

Earlier this semester, professors Davin Heckman and Patrick Lichty of the Mass Communication department gave four groups 48 hours to complete a short video for what they have called, “The 48-Hour Video Dash”.

Created by Dr. Talan Memmott in 2019, this will be the 48-Hour Video Dash’s third year at Winona State University.

Students were given a different prop, character, line and genre for each video. Participants then submitted their videos for judging. Awards were given for best picture, best director, best videography, best performance and audience choice. Winners received a golden chicken trophy.

For assistant professor Lichty, this is his second year judging the event.

“You know it’s just like, hey, let’s spend the weekend making a movie. It acts like a yardstick for how you’re doing, as independent media producers,” Lichty said.

Lichty continued, stating, “This is a fantastic opportunity to go off on your own and do what you want without a professor…I mean, you get some parameters, but it’s a great place to test your creativity.”

Lichty shared that he believes that this event can really help students stand out once they get into the work force.

“The graded work is only the baseline, and that’s not really what the people who are hiring you are looking for,” Lichty said.

Lichty commented that when students participate in events like this, it can help them prove initiative to potential employers.

The 48-Hour Video Dash is not exclusive to film and creative digital media majors. Kyra Lepsch, a fifth-year majoring in mass communications at Winona State, also participated as a director in this year’s video dash.

After submissions closed, Mass Communication professors Patrick Lichty and Davin Heckman selected the winners for each category in the competition. On Feb. 7, the films were screened and voted on by audiences to decide the audience choice award. (Jiovani Bermudez)

“I think people should definitely participate, even if you’re not a mass communication student. It’s just a really fun thing to do,” Lepsch said.

Once the videos were submitted, Lichty and Heckman selected the winners for each category. On Feb. 7, the films were played for the public. The audience members were asked to vote for their favorite to win the audience’s choice award.

The 48-hour film dash is open to all students enrolled at Winona State. It is anticipated to be held again next spring.


BEST PICTURE: “Good Mournin’” by Isaac Tepolt, Jayden Tummel, Lilly Rowland and Julia Moran

BEST EDITING: “The Alien” by Sophia Sailor

BEST DIRECTOR: “Good Mournin’” by Isaac Tepolt, Jayden Tummel, Lilly Rowland and Julia Moran

BEST VIDEOGRAPHY: “Revenge of the Caveman” by Jonna Gunnerson, Luke Ott and Devyn Marcotte

BEST PERFORMANCE: “Good Mournin’” by Isaac Tepolt, Jayden Tummel, Lilly Rowland and Julia Moran

AUDIENCE CHOICE: “Good Mournin’” by Isaac Tepolt, Jayden Tummel, Lilly Rowland and Julia Moran

HONORARY MENTION – BEST STUNTWORK: “Careful What You Wish For” by Kyra Lepsch, Reid Fischer and Ryan Flanders