Cooper Lipski: new voice of the La Crosse Loggers


Keaton Riebel

“It is everything I have always wanted to do,” Lipski said.

Sophia Sailer, Editor-in-Chief

Even if you have only met him once, you remember the voice of Cooper Lipski. The booming and verbose sound that often comes with his goofy and over-the-top personality.

Lipski has gone far with this voice, being the sports director of KQAL [Winona State University’s radio station] and sometimes broadcasting by himself at games and traveling independently with the NSIC (Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference).

Lipski now has recently been hired as the voice of the La Crosse Loggers.

Lipski, a third-year student majoring in mass communications: journalism and minoring in coaching talked about the new position.

“I’m going to announce baseball games on the radio and webcasting service, and I could even be on ESPN,” Lipski said.

Lipski continued, explaining that his friend Tyler Gliem was part of the reason that he got this job.

“We knew each other from classes before, and he worked for the Loggers last summer, so I jokingly made a comment about getting me a job there. He then seriously told me there was an opening, so I sent them my resumé,” Lipski said.

Gliem, a fourth-year student studying mass communications: creative digital media, talked about his side of getting Lipski the job.

“I personally can’t take any credit for hiring him. His wit, personality and talent are what got him the job. During an off-season meeting, Ben Kapanke said he was looking for a new broadcaster and I told him I knew just the guy. Three months later, Cooper became the official broadcaster for the La Crosse Loggers,” Gliem said.

Gliem continued, saying why he thinks Lipski is perfect for the job.

“I think he is perfect for this position. Cooper is such a hard-working individual who has one of the best voices in the game. His pure drive to entertain people is incredible. Even when the cameras are off, or he is off the air, he always strives to entertain you,” Gliem said.

Lipski beams at the idea of broadcasting for the La Crosse Loggers, saying that it has been his dream to broadcast for baseball games.

“It is everything I have always wanted to do. I mean the baseball hall of fame is in Cooperstown, New York. I thought, ‘I am sh*t at baseball, so I need to make it with broadcasting because they already named the town after me’,” Lipski said with a big cheesy smile.