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I Exist to Experience Creation: Julia Kopperud at Island City Brewing

Larissa Lopez
Island City Brewing is currently featuring art made by Julia Kopperud in their Artist Rotation, from November 5th to December 5th.

Winona is filled with immense talent from people across the city. Most of the time, these talented individuals have hidden gems around local businesses or stores. Showcasing artists and their work through exhibits at local restaurants in town allow new and upcoming artists a platform to share their work within a public space. For one month, running from November 5th to December 5th, Julia Kopperud is among those individuals, sharing her artwork with all of those who stop by to see them in Island City Brewing Company.


Island City lined its walls with artwork done by Kopperud. Some of the art includes images of facial features and some are objects or people. They all burst with color and great detail and there is little room for white space.


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In an interview with Island City, Kopperud shared her thoughts and explained what the meaning behind her work is.


“I am often asked what my art means to me and what my reasons are for creating; however, I do not believe art needs reason or meaning,” Kopperud said. “I create art because I enjoy the experience, and I exist to experience creation. For me, painting is an outlet for my internal expressions.”


Citizens can see this through the artwork, as most of the paintings show faces or expressions of some sort. According to Kopperud, they all represent inspirations and daily feelings, and in the same interview with Island City, Kopperud explained that paint is her favorite medium to use.


“Interpretations of this [the expressions] vary from person to person, and for me, day to day,” Kopperud said. “I enjoy the fluidity of life, which I feel is often expressed best through working with paint.”


Aubrey Krizka, fourth-year student at Winona State University, is a student who also loves to draw and paint and talked about her appreciation for the work that Kopperud has created.


“I think her work is inspirational because you can tell she’s trying to tell a story through them, something that maybe only some know or understand,” Krizka said. “I feel like really good artists do stuff like that; they make it mysterious.”


Kopperud has an Instagram account made for showcasing her work, and viewers can easily pick up on her style of painting. She creates such abstract work with the faces or the eyes overlapping, and she draws them in a way that leaves the audience wondering what they’re trying to convey. Krizka said that’s something she tries to include in her work, too.


“Most people who paint or draw struggle with finding inspiration, but you can tell that inspiration comes easy to Julia,” Krizka said. “You can tell her style and themes just by looking at it for a brief second, and that’s something I strive to do as well. It’s such beautiful work.”


Kopperud mentioned that she doesn’t necessarily have a plan going into her work, but sometimes, that’s when the best work is produced.


“I never know which direction my work will take me or which direction I will take my art,” Kopperud said. “My process is intuitive and somehow, I’m always happy with the results.”

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About the Contributors
Reanne Weil, News Editor

Reanne Weil is a News Reporter for The Winonan and started in Spring 2023. Weil is a fourth-year at Winona State University majoring in Journalism and double-minoring in Spanish and Creative Digital Media.

In addition to working for The Winonan, Weil is a member and captain of the Division II Women’s Soccer Team at WSU. She is also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Outside of school, Weil works remotely for her local newspaper. She loves spending her free time with her friends and family. She enjoys watching the television show Friends and Disney movies with her favorite snack, popcorn and M&M’s.

Larissa Lopez, Photographer
Larissa Lopez (she/her/hers) is currently a photographer at The Winonan.
Larissa is an international student from Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is a second-year student at Winona State University in the major of Finance. She loves experimenting with the different activities offered on campus, and visiting as many places as possible. She hopes as a photographer, to be able to experience more events and portray them.
Larissa’s hobbies include watching films of any genre, making traditional and digital art, listening to music and biking around Winona.

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