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Reanne – Editor Farewell

Keaton Riebel
Reanne Weil, Winonan staff member from Spring 2023 to Fall 2023. Thank you for all you do.

I joined The Winonan to fulfill credits I needed to graduate, and I was able to take it as a class last semester. I interviewed for it not knowing what to expect or how good I’d be at it. Little did I know, I wasn’t just joining a club. I was joining a family. The people here along with the culture that has been built over time is truly something special. I have so many people to thank for getting me to where I am as a person and a writer, and the people at The Winonan are among those to thank. Being a part of this team has given me strength, confidence and a newfound passion for being a writer.

The experiences I gained from joining this club have helped me for my future in many ways. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time, and my only regret is not stepping out of my comfort zone to join sooner. I am more confident in approaching people, tackling difficult topics and working under harsh deadlines. I know these things at a greater level, thanks to The Winonan.

At the end of last semester, Gabriel and Sophie asked me to become an editor, which is something else I never thought I’d do. I have experience in leading in other areas of my life, but leading in the workforce was a new step for me. It was challenging and not easy, but it has been such an honor helping young writers find their voices. I hope I carry that with me as I move forward.

To Sophie, thank you for your guidance and advice. You have helped me in so many ways, whether it be for an article or for an interview. I will forever be grateful to you for believing in me.

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To Keaton, Elly, Heidi and Kailey, thank you for dealing with my constant mood swings and breakdowns. I promise I’m only that dramatic on Sunday nights at 7 p.m. Thank you for becoming such close friends to me. I cannot wait to see where the future takes each of you!

To Karleigh, you are going to thrive! I am so happy that you are taking over as editor; there is no one more passionate and driven than you, and that’s exactly what will take you so far in life. Please don’t be afraid to keep in touch.

To Tracy and Doug, thank you for believing in me and trusting me. Joining mid-year wasn’t easy for any of us, but you didn’t doubt me for a minute. Doug, you have been in my corner since freshman year orientation, and I apologize for not spending more than five minutes in your office over the past few years. I’ll never forget the little lessons you’ve taught me along the way, and I promise you will hear from me soon. Thank you for everything.

Though this is certainly not the end of my writing career, it is the end of my journey with The Winonan. If I could give any advice to young writers or students in their early years of college, it’d be to breathe. You don’t have to have it figured it out all the time. Most people don’t. Breathe and take it all in because one day you will wake up and it’s all over. Have no fears, no regrets, and just breathe. It is so worth it.

Thanks for everything.







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About the Contributors
Reanne Weil
Reanne Weil, News Editor

Reanne Weil is a News Reporter for The Winonan and started in Spring 2023. Weil is a fourth-year at Winona State University majoring in Journalism and double-minoring in Spanish and Creative Digital Media.

In addition to working for The Winonan, Weil is a member and captain of the Division II Women’s Soccer Team at WSU. She is also a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Outside of school, Weil works remotely for her local newspaper. She loves spending her free time with her friends and family. She enjoys watching the television show Friends and Disney movies with her favorite snack, popcorn and M&M’s.

Keaton Riebel
Keaton Riebel, Photo Editor

Keaton Riebel (she/her/hers) is the photo editor and a photographer for the Winonan and started in the spring of 2023. Riebel is currently a third year at Winona State University, graduating spring of 2024 with a major in Creative Digital Media, and minoring in Photography.

In addition to working for The Winonan, Riebel is also a Resident Assistant for the Sheehan Hall but is also involved in other little clubs on campus.

Outside of school, Riebel loves spending time with friends, exploring, going to live music shows, and taking pictures all the while. She enjoys learning new things and trying new activities, especially outdoors. She also appreciates getting into the local communities and finding out how to be a part of the treasures Winona holds.

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