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The Warrior Entertainment Network’s Two of Hearts Dance

Valentine’s Day and the week surrounding it can be a busy, eventful time for many people, and it’s no different here at Winona State University. There were many events and activities happening all around campus, and one of such events was the Two-of-Hearts Dance. This dance was held on Monday, Feb. 12, 2024 in the Kryzsko Commons Ballroom from 7 p.m. – 9 p.m., and was hosted by the Warrior Entertainment Network, a student run group that hosts activities for students both on campus and in the Winona area.

The event featured, of course, a dance floor, as well as a picture booth, board games, arts and crafts, several kinds of donut holes, and shine water. The dance floor had a playlist of party songs, but students were also able to scan a QR code and request their own songs.

When speaking to a Warrior Entertainment Network member about why they choose to help with the dance specifically, they discussed the individuality of the Two-of-Hearts dance compared to other Network events.

“I think the event was just more different from the events we typically do; we typically do a lot of events with prizes, and that one’s kinda just more of like a come and enjoy your night type deal, which I guess is what we try to do with all of our events, but that one was kind of just more of like relaxing night where you could just dance with other people and get to meet others too,” the Warrior Entertainment Network said.

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This quote was definitely something I could definitely agree with. For example, I love Kryzsko After Dark and Grocery Bingo, two other big events hosted by the Warrior Entertainment Network, and while I wouldn’t change a thing about them, they can often feel busy and competitive. The variety of events the Warrior Entertainment Network hosts is definitely appreciated, as it gives different kinds of people a chance to go to fun events on campus, whether they’re here for busy and fun, or a relaxing night with friends.

“Realistically we would want as many people to come to those events as possible, but some turn out is better than no turn out, always, and we want people who come to be as invested in the event, so having thirty invested people is always better than having two hundred just come and stand and do nothing, so that’s always how I see it,” another member said about the attendance of the dance.

I also agree with this quote, as even with lower attendance, events like these can be a lot of fun. Less people meant that everyone who wanted to use the photo booth, play board games, or enjoy the food and drinks could also do that without waiting, which is always nice. Quality is more important than quantity after all.

Overall, the dance was a success. While attendance was relatively low, the people who did attend really enjoyed themselves, and that’s what’s truly important. Next year, we can only hope that more people attend, and that everybody has another amazing night full of dancing, food and fun!

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Lexy Koenig
Lexy Koenig, Features Reporter
Lexy Koenig (she/her/hers) is a features writer for The Winonan who started this semester. Lexy is a first-year at Winona State who is majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology. Besides working for The Winonan, Lexy likes playing video games such as Pokemon, Minecraft, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Undertale, among others. She also loves spending time with friends, whether it’s playing video games, board games, watching bad movies together, or going on late-night adventures to Kwik Trip and Taco Bell.

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