Watkins Gallery hosts ceramics exhibit

Watkins Gallery hosts ceramics exhibit

Wesley Holm, Features Reporter

The McKnight Ceramics Exhibit opened in the Watkins Gallery at Winona State University on Monday, Sept. 18, and features a compilation of six artists’ work in ceramics.

The artists, named McKnight Fellows, include Nicolas Darcourt and Sheryl McRoberts, who are both Minnesota-based, as well as Kathryn Finnerty, Lung-Chieh Lin, Helen Otterson and Joseph Pintz.

The exhibit is sponsored by Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis, but was brought to the Watkins Gallery through a grant from the Winona State University Foundation.

Roger Boulay, the art gallery coordinator in Watkins Hall, said the exhibit is one that speaks to people of all interests and backgrounds.

“Its unique and interesting portrayal of contemporary art should be seen by all students at some point,” Boulay said.

History, dance, computer science and other forms of science are all part of the structure of this spectacle. Rather than calling the pieces of art mixtures of clay, Boulay refers to them as “sculptures.”

Boulay said the exhibit has had a big impact on the art department, as well as the students, at Winona State.

“This is helping students in ceramics and clay work to really see it in its glory,” Boulay said. “And it really isn’t just in the art department.”

In addition to seeing it for the experience, Boulay also urges that people come see it to “allow for a surprise for the students due to its abstract structure.”

“It will really make you think about things in a new way,” Boulay said.

Boulay said art has a powerful way to create many interpretations, which may be different than what the artist intended, but is still truly meaningful and that this is an exhibit that students and faculty will not want to miss.

According to Boulay, the next exhibit is also one that will truly be spectacular. The use of video installation and projection by Chinese-born and Chicago-raised artist Yuge Zhou is something that will also have a departmental ripple across campus.

The McKnight Ceramics Exhibit is open until Oct. 10 in the Watkins Art Gallery on campus, free of charge. Students and faculty can come to the exhibit Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.