International dinner returns to campus

Kameron Wilson, Features Reporter

In recent years, Winona State University’s International Dinner has been an educational event highlighting the executive representatives of the International Club who introduced the event. While the event involves an evening of entertainment and food, there is much more than meets the eye.

Waheed Khan, a senior computer science major, shared his experience of participating in Winona’s International Dinner.

“The International Dinner is an event where we share our culture with other people. We want to show others the presentable side of our culture,” Waheed Khan said.

Every year, the International Dinner will introduce a new theme for students and guests to enjoy. Each theme represents an educational objective for students and guests to take with them at the end of the event.

“The theme this year is bridging the cultures. Students will be able to see all the different cultures coming together to showcase the international community,” Waheed Khan said.

While the theme of the International Dinner changes frequently, the layout of the event remains the same.

Akif Khan, a junior data science major, touched on some of the entertainment the event has to offer for their guests.

“Students can expect food such as: barbeque chicken skewers from South Asia; Alduum, or potato based curry; Mizeria, a rich salad from Poland and Mango Lassi made out of yogurt milk and mango pulp from South Asia,” Akif Khan said.

Aside from the vast assortment of food items from different cultures, the students and guests will be presented with a fashion show representing the clothing styles of each culture.

Ussama Baradia, a junior accounting major, delivered his experience with performing in the fashion show in previous International Dinners.

“Students will get to see the wardrobe aspect of each country. Although it may not be the country’s day to day clothing, the clothing just represents the country’s fashion style,” Baradia said.

In addition to the fashion show and gourmet options, students and guests will be able to experience the musical talents of each culture with several performances from a few groups of international students.

“There will be dances by Malaysian, Nepal, Pakistani and Kenyan international students. There will also be a special performance of Hmong dancing and rapping,” Baradia said.

Aside from the dinner and being immersed within the cultures of international students, guests will have an opportunity to take away vital information from the experience. The goal of Winona State’s International Dinner goes beyond the simple task of entertaining and comforting the well-being of their guests.

“The International Dinner provides people with a teaching moment about the diverseness of cultures and allows them to witness an awareness being brought to our campus culturally,” Waheed Khan said.

The International Dinner will take place on, Saturday, April 7, with doors opening at 5:30 p.m. and the official event starting at 6:00 p.m. in East Hall.

“Come and enjoy a fun night with us. Come with an open mind and learn about the different cultures with a lot of food and several performances from around the world,” Baradia said.