Signature’s Restaurant hosts Fall Fest

Signatures Restaurant hosts Fall Fest

Lauren Gennerman, Features Reporter

Signature’s Restaurant in Winona hosted Fall Fest, an annual tradition for the restaurant that celebrates the beginning of fall and all it has to offer Friday on Oct. 12.

Inside the restaurant’s Summer House were a variety of food and drinks for sale, including brats, pretzels, beer and hard ciders, while live polka bands played. Cynor Classics Polka Band started at 4 p.m., while My Grandma’s Cardigan started at 7:30 p.m. and played until close at 9 p.m. Signatures also offered beer and hard cider tastings from Island City Brewing Company and Hoch Orchard, both local breweries.

This year was the second year of this celebration, the head of marketing for Signature’s, Sophia Spittle, hopes it will become a tradition in the community.

“We started this event last year, and because it was so successful, we wanted to establish it again this year,” Spittle said. “We have beer, food and games and we want to give people a chance to celebrate fall with us.”

When attending the event, community members may notice the beers and ciders come from one of two places: Island City Brewery or Hoch Orchard. This was not a mistake for the event.

“We like to support local whenever possible and selling the local beers that are brewed in Winona is a great way to do that,” Spittle said. “We especially have a great relationship with Island City and they’re very well-known in the community. It’s just fun to have them out here as a vendor.”

Last year, Spittle estimated around 150-200 people attended, and they expected the turnout to be similar this year, with the addition of a few more yard games and another cidery.

“It is a little bit colder, but I still think our community will come,” Spittle said. “We have free hand warmers too, so that should help.”

Despite the cold weather, patrons of the festival stayed warm by staying inside the Summer House, though many chose to sit outside, gazing at the bluffs and changing colors of the leaves that were prominent from the view of the restaurant.

While this annual event is something Spittle wants the whole community to know about, she also wants to remind people that the Signature’s Restaurant is open every night, featuring a gourmet menu that takes advantage of local foods and the changing of seasons.