Community protests against Session’s resignation


Rachel Hollcraft

Community member Nancy Pellowski leads a protest about President Trump’s firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Nov. 7. The rally gathered in Windom Park on Nov. 8 to call for congress to take action in wake of the most recent upset in the Trump administration.

Rachel Hollcraft, News Reporter

Nearly 50 people came to Windom Park on Thursday, Nov. 8 at 5 p.m. to rally in response to the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker.

Sessions turned in his resignation at the request of President Trump on Nov 7. Sessions was quickly replaced with Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

This rally was just one of hundreds held across the nation on Nov. 8. The rallies were organized by a group called, “Nobody is Above the Law.”

According to their website, the group is ready to rally at any moment if Trump makes a decision that is on their list of “Red Lines.”

Nancy Pellowski led the rally standing on the Windom Park fountain, protesting Trump’s choice to fire Sessions and institute Whitaker and demanding change.

Pellowski rallied the crowd by leading multiple chants, including the movement’s tagline “No one is above the law, Trump is not above the law,” with each chant growing louder and louder.

Pellowski’s speech encouraged those present to take action by calling their congressional representatives and demanding several things.

“They need to pass legislation to protect the [Muller] investigation. They need to demand that Mr. Whitaker recuse himself from the investigation and promise not to interfere. They also need to start up any investigations into obstruction of justice,” Pellowski said.

Most people in the crowd held signs to speak their minds. Several signs had caricatures of Trump. One sign had a quote from Shakespeare on the danger of ignorance. A common sign had the line, “Nobody is above the law.”

One participant, Timothy Forester, spoke to the importance of education. He is aware from his knowledge of history how democracy can be suppressed, and he feels that ignorance is often the cause of a failed democracy.

The rally called for the end of imbalance of power in the government. Pellowski is concerned with Sessions being replaced by Trump loyalist, Whitaker. She believes that with Whitaker as Acting Attorney General a fair investigation by Mueller will not be able to take place.

“We feel strongly that the investigation needs to continue because we need to know the truth. Somebody, Russia, interfered with our election. If we don’t get to the bottom of how that happened… we will never be able to protect or trust our elections going forward.” Pellowski said.

Ultimately, people rallied because they believe in a fair democracy that can be trusted. People who showed up across the nation on Nov. 8 to voice their beliefs, did so because they believe that the way to create change is through visible representation.