A century of calling Winona home

A century of calling Winona home

Kellen Brandt, Features Reporter

As Winona State University celebrates 100 years of the Winonan, it is also a time to celebrate Winona State as a whole and reflect on the change, growth and success of Winona State University in the last 100 years.

Winona State was founded in 1858 and started as a teacher training school with no other majors or minors to offer. Over 100 years later, Winona State offers more than 74 majors and minors, with other specialty programs.

While many things have changed at Winona State, the most rapidly changing are the students.

Abby Swim, a first-year student majoring in nursing and Spanish, was drawn to Winona State from the start because of the size and charm of the surrounding area.

“Winona State was my first choice and the only school I applied to,” Swim said. “Winona just felt like the perfect fit for me because I love anything outdoors. ”

Joseph Precour, a first-year student majoring in accounting loves that Winona State is the perfect size for him.

“I love that you can talk to everyone you see and know everyone in all of your classes,” Precour said. “I like to have classes where I feel comfortable and having smaller classes gives me that chance to become familiar with everyone in the class.”

Precour considered other larger “Big Ten” schools but ended up deciding against it in the end because of the size.

“I wanted to have a name and not just be a passing face surrounded by thousands of people,” Precour said.

Kalli O’Brien, first-year majoring in mass communication with a minor in journalism picked Winona State because of the accepting vibe on campus.

“When I heard back that I was accepted to Winona State University I was over the moon! Winona State was always my first pick,” O’Brien said.

Many students fall in love with the area surrounding campus and everything that the town has to offer.

“I love the freedom of being here,” O’Brien said. “I can go up to the bluffs, go kayaking on the lake, ice skating in the winter, and a bunch of other stuff that wouldn’t have been an option for me elsewhere.”

Winona State has also grown in clubs, sports and activities which encourage students to meet others and spend time doing what they love.

“I feel like I fit in well here because there really is something for everyone with how many clubs and programs they have. It is hard to not find something you’re interested in,” O’Brien said.

Alisha Mattison, first-year student majoring in pre-athletic training chose Winona State because of the great program and education she will receive.

“Winona State University was my first choice because I want to have a good education and graduate with a Masters in as little amount of time as possible,” Mattison said.

Aside from the athletic training program, Mattison said she is also impressed with how busy campus is.

“I love how easy it was to make friends with all the activities and events Winona State has to offer on campus. It’s just a good fit for me here,” Mattison said.

While campus may have vastly changed in 100 years, one thing that has not changed is how much the students love the college and love to be able to call it “home.”