Northam appointed as interim VP of Advancement

Northam appointed as interim VP of Advancement

Morgan Reddekopp, Editor-in-Chief

Andrea Northam has been hired as Winona State University’s interim vice president of university advancement.

Robert Strauss will serve as a consultant for the WSU Foundation.

President Scott Olson made the decision to hire both Northam and Strauss for the position formerly held by Ron Dempsey, saying they will make a great team as the university searches for a permanent vice president.

Olson said Northam was an ideal choice for interim vice president of university advancement due to her experience at Winona State.

“She has a successful track record of accomplishments at Winona State,” Olson said. “She has supervisory experience within our complex structure, and she knows the Winona community well.”

The search for a permanent replacement will begin sometime this fall, and will include a national search to be conducted by Winona State staff.

Northam said the position of interim vice president involves working with various teams for the betterment of the university.

“Advancement is comprised of a number of different teams and a number of different purposes,” Northam said. “As the name implies, the end goal is the betterment of the institution and all its partners and friends.”

She said another goal of the team is retention of current students.

These teams include Marketing and Communications and Admissions departments, who work together to bring students to Winona State.

Northam said her partnership with Strauss will help her learn more about the WSU Foundation.

“There’s also the component of the WSU Foundation and Board. I’m working in partnership with one of our current trustees, Bob Strauss,” Northam said. “This is probably the environment I know the least about, which is why [Strauss] is working as a consultant in partnership with me.”

Northam’s experience and accomplishments at Winona State will help her with her role as interim vice president.

“As you move through your years and all the different aspects of the university you get to touch, you learn more about different departments and different aspects of higher education, and the experience of different teams and different touch points with the institution,” Northam said.

Northam has worked with many different departments within the university.

“I think by virtue of coming up through Communications, I’ve had the benefit of not only working inhouse with faculty and academic departments, but working with student service departments, both in good and bad,” Northam said.

Northam worked in Media Relations, which has helped her connect with the community of Winona.

“Working in Media Relations, I’ve interfaced with the community, and worked on different community initiatives, which is also an element of working in Advancement and also understanding Winona State’s relations with the city of Winona,” Northam said.

Northam said she is excited for her role as interim vice president of university advancement.

“I’m really excited,” Northam said. “I pretty much grew up on the Winona State campus. I grew up in Winona.”