Film series discusses startup businesses

Film series discusses startup businesses

Benjamin Rayburn, Features Reporter

Winona State University’s film series “Careers Conflicts and Callings” is shown every Tuesday night, along with a few Saturdays in Stark 103 at 7 p.m. through Nov. 7. This ten-film series focuses on exploring the difficult and complex task of finding your future career and the journey towards that.

This past week’s film was “Generation Startup.” Its focus was on a group of students that founded their own startups and braved large amounts of adversity in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The startups have grown immeasurably since they were founded and are an important part of Detroit as it continues to rebuild.

Women Rising is one of these startups that was founded by Kate Catlin and has been going strong for over four years now. Her organization hosts mini meet ups for the groups once a month. Each group consists of 3 female members of Women Rising with the goal of starting interpersonal discussions and building relationships.

Entrepreneurial startups born from adversity and the minds of determined individuals are crucial if Detroit is to continue to rebuild and thrive. These individuals come from every background imaginable, but the goal is always the same. “Generation Startup” helps tell their stories and showcases their continued success.

Treedome is a Winona based startup founded by a group of friends in Sept 2016.

“We started working and collaborating in May of 2017,” co-owner Ben Strand said. The studio went through some early transition before finding its niche as a music and arts production company.

The goal of Treedome is creating a new generation in Winona that is exposed to what the city has to offer and giving both artists and art lovers a place to hone their skills and visions.

Networking and building relationships are a large part of Treedome’s mission. This goes hand in hand with forging bonds in the community so that arts and music have a long-time place in Winona to thrive.

Winona looks poised to provide a great home for Treedome’s yearly event, Shut Down Third Street, and a great base to bring together people in the name of art and music. Treedome’s success comes from both its staff and the common goal to provide great music and art to everyone it can.

Start-ups are important wherever they may be, whether they’re part of rebuilding Detroit or helping Winona to grow its music and arts scene, and the film series helped showcase that this past week.