Campus clubs host their first annual drag show

Ren Gennerman, Features Reporter

On Friday, Nov. 15, Winona State University will be hosting its first drag show in the Student Activities Center in Kryzsko Commons from 6-7:30 p.m.

In the spring of 2018, Full Spectrum, a club focused around gender and sexuality education and support, began hosting drag shows at Island City Brewing Company.

After successful shows, the idea was brought up in Student Senate to have a university-sponsored drag show.

Jacob Hansen, a college of liberal arts representative for Student Senate presented the idea to Erik Derby, president of Full Spectrum, to see if they would be interested in co-hosting the event.

Tatum Reitter and Taylor Storlie, two psychology majors and members of the Winona State Dance Society, offered their time and are committed to helping the performers perfect their performance before the show.

“Having a background in choreography and producing a repertoire has been crucial in this creative process,” Storlie said. “On the more logistical side, having a keen eye for what kind of performances work well next to each other to create a well-rounded set is a skill that we have been able to cultivate in our own dance shows and offer to our collaborators on this event.”

Both participants and planners said they’re excited for the first-ever Winona State University drag show, as it will be unlike any performance campus has ever seen.

“I think people should look forward to an amazing, energetic, fun atmosphere,” Reitter said. “This show will be filled with fun music and dancing which will get the audience on their feet. A lot of preparation has gone into this event and we can’t wait to share it with the WSU community.”

In addition to the drag show, attendees can look forward to free mocktails. According to Derby, these mocktails will be named after performers in the show.

Despite rumors of Full Spectrum refusing the sponsorship and assistance of Panhellenic Council, Derby assured it was just a miscommunication.

“It ended up just being confusing with how we were communicating,” Derby said. “We are always happy when another club wants to chip in. It is a campus event and it’s important that people from all over campus feel welcome.”

Full Spectrum is also hosting another drag show the following night at Island City. Tickets have already sold out for the event, but, Derby assured participants that there are significant benefits to attending the Winona State show, including more accessibility, which is something the club is trying to improve for their events.

“We have had requests to have a drag show in a sober space in the past,” Derby said. “It is also more accessible for people because it’s not downtown. You don’t need a car, but you can take the bus or walk if you’re on campus.”

In addition to the Student Activities Center being a sober space, this is free to students and offers more space than Island City.