Ghostar: Profile on a touring band in Winona


Contributed Photo By Benjamin Zastrow

Ghostar is a two-man band from Madison, WI. The post-rock band is made up of John McCracken(left) on drums and Steve Higgins(right) on guitar, both members also sing in the band. Ghostar will be performing at Ed’s No Name Bar Thursday, Nov. 21, along with Rogue the Wolf and NATL PARK SRVC.

Morgan Reddekopp, Editor-in-Chief

A two-man band from Madison named Ghostar will be performing at Ed’s No Name Bar Thursday, Nov. 21, along with Rogue the Wolf and NATL PARK SRVC.

The post-rock band is made up of John McCracken on drums and Steve Higgins on guitar. Both members also sing in the band.

“I would describe our sound as post-rock with a little bit of math rock, which has very technical guitar sounds. We are also very loud, but not in a bad way,” McCracken said.

Ghostar has been a band for about a year, meeting last October through a Craigslist ad that McCracken had put out looking for band members. They later became a band around February.

“[McCracken] had an ad and he was the first person I was in a band with. I was doing solo stuff, so I responded to his ad,” Higgins said.

The two members said they got along well in their first practice.

“It just went really well right away, which is kind of rare,” Higgins said.

The name Ghostar comes from combining “ghost” and “star”.

“We were working with Ghost Star but then we kind of combined them. [The name] originates from this poem called Dandelions for my Mother. The sun is referred to as a ghost star in the poem,” Higgins said.

Ghostar put out their new EP “Swelling” at the beginning of Oct. The EP has five songs: “Party Scars”, “Prayer Rabbit”, “T-Rex Machina”, “Sludge Titan” and “Knight Rider”.

The band is currently working on more punk sounds for their newer songs they have not yet recorded.

“We are writing stuff now that is a little bit more punk. I wouldn’t say they’re ‘upbeat’ punk songs, but they have drive and they’re more focused,” Higgins said.

Ghostar band members say they enjoy interacting with their fans.

“I love talking to people after [the show]. I’d love for people to remember us as cool people. We want to relate to the audience on a personal level,” Higgins said.

McCracken said he wants the audience to have fun at shows.

“We just want to play music together and help the audience have fun and like our music. And if they don’t that’s cool too,” McCracken said.

Ghostar said they would eventually like to incorporate Higgins’ piano into their music.

Currently, Higgins said he does not have a favorite song.

“The people have been liking ‘Prayer Rabbit’ the most, which is kind of funny because that’s actually one of my least favorite ones,” Higgins said. “I think that’s the way it goes when you don’t like to hear yourself sing as much starting out.”

On the other hand, McCracken said his favorite song from the EP is Sludge Titan.

“I like ‘Sludge Titan’ a lot, it’s high-energy,” McCracken said. “But songs that we haven’t yet recorded and will be playing live are currently my favorite.”