Winona welcomes new grocery store


Shannon Galliart

The new ALDI, located at 1443 Service Drive in Winona, opens starting on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. According to their website, they provide “fresh produce and everyday essentials at the low prices you need.”

Gabriel Hathaway, Editor-In-Chief

Wednesday, Nov. 11, national grocery store chain ALDI, will open a store at 1443 Service Drive formerly occupied by Salvation Army thrift store. ALDI’s hours will be 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.
The Winona ALDI launch is part of a push by the ALDI corporation to make itself the third-largest U.S. grocery retailer by the end of 2022 in terms of store count.
According to an online survey, Walmart is currently the most popular grocery store frequented by Winona State University students, with 97 percent of students polled saying they shop there. Target and Hyvee, are second and third respectively, garnering 50 percent of the remaining votes each.
It is yet to be seen exactly how popular ALDI will be in Winona, but according to the online survey, 70 percent of the students said they were interested in checking out the store once it opens up to the public.
Several students commented on the reason for their excitement are ALDI’s lower prices and higher quality among other things.
Cora Rezac, a third-year environmental biology major, said she welcomes ALDI as another frugal option.
“They have so many affordable options for which personally, as a broke college student, I love,” Rezac said. “ALDI is one of my favorite grocery stores to shop at so I’m excited to have one in Winona finally!”
Other students are excited for the opening of ALDI because of the vegan and gluten free food choices it offers.
Second-year student Hannah Beumer said she values ALDI’s gluten free selection.
“[I’m excited for ALDI because of] access to more good grocery options,” Beumer said. “Especially gluten free ptions which can be hard to come by here.”
Fourth-year student Allie Westphal, majoring in social work and child advocacy, voiced concerns about the already hectic and crowded parking situation, due to Culver’s, surrounding stores and what the ALDI’s opening may add to that.
“The parking is already crazy enough with the Culver’s drive-thru. Once ALDI opens up it is going to be chaos,” Westphal said. “While I think ALDI is a great choice for a grocery store, they didn’t think it through with the placement.”
Despite this dissent on the online survey, most students commented that they are just excited for a new store to be opening and more grocery options.
Fourth-year student, Jarred Schmitz is a resident assistant in Maria Hall and noted how he remembers his first year when Shopko was ‘on its last legs.’ Schmitz said he is excited for any new developments.
“Winona just seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year,” Schmitz said. “I think it is kind of the new form Winona is going for, and the ALDI moving in makes it a little more like a bigger city, slowly evolving.”

Schmitz said he was impressed with the ALDI opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“It shows really good hope for not only ALDI as a corporation, but I think Winona as a city,” Schmitz said. “Because if we are able to open up an ALDI which is a big chain grocery store, then obviously they see profitability here, which means Winona must be doing really well”