Men’s basketball coach hits career milestone


Mohammed Islam

Winona State Warriors end the season with a win against Upper Iowa University, 90-67 at Winona State’s McCown Gymnasium on Saturday, Feb 20 after loosing the first game of the weekend, 80-65 on Friday, Feb 19.

Syerah Mulhern-Allred, Sports Editor

Todd Eisner, coach of the Warrior men’s basketball team for six years, recently hit a career milestone of 500 wins across his 23 seasons of coaching.
This accompanies other milestones such as being in the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame.
Eisner grew up in Chilton, Wisconsin and played basketball through college at Creighton University.
“I only played for two people in my career,” Eisner said. “I played for my dad for six years and then I played for my college coach.”
Despite having his bachelor’s degree in business, Eisner said those two people made it evident to him that he wanted to make a career out of coaching.
“I’m one of those fortunate people that can feel like I’ve never really had a job,” Coach Eisner said. “Because you get to do something that you love doing every day.”
“You’ve got to have really good players,” Eisner said. “Really good players buy into the system and the philosophy that you want to try and implement.”
Eisner attributes a lot to his players, staying very humble and continuing to talk about his recruiting style and how he looks for players.

Eisner attributes a lot to his players staying very humble, continuing to talk about his recruiting style and how he looks for players.
“You want to have a positive impact on your players lives,” Eisner said. “At the end of the day we are teaching something much bigger than the game of basketball.”
Eisner talked about the multiple dimensions that being involved in college athletics can teach a student, such as teamwork, time management, interactions and several others that will help them in their career and life after college.
“There’s a direct correlation between a player that’s okay with just getting C’s when they can get A’s,” Eisner said. “And they’re the same player that’s okay with being average on the court when they could be great.”
In the world of collegiate sports, a very important concept to Eisner is being well-rounded and always striving for more to hit those maxes beyond the weight room, court or field.
“We try to find people that are willing to be pushed to a limit that maybe they didn’t know they had in them,” Eisner said. “You certainly find out the ones that are trying to go there.”
Having those players that are constantly trying to better themselves is something important to Eisner, even as he finishes off season number 23.
Overall, Eisner finished the season on a strong note through a difficult year to be a coach.
“It’s been a very challenging year but we’re thankful that we’ve gotten a chance to play,” Eisner said.
The team finished off their season with a win against the Upper Iowa Peacocks, 90-67.