Taylor announces NCAA transfer

Syerah Mulhern-Allred, Sports Editor

Last week, fourth-year Warrior Basketball player Kevion Taylor announced he is going to continue his basketball career by entering into the NCAA transfer portal as a graduate student to find new opportunities.
“I have a great circle around me helping me with my decision,” Taylor said. “I have no doubt we will find what’s best for me.”
While Taylor might be moving onto greater opportunities, he said he has made huge strides in his four years at Winona State and hopes to continue making strides to better himself as a player.
“What is most important to me is showing myself that I can compete at a high level in this conference,” Taylor said. “I hope to continue to show and prove that I can still play with the guys that are at a higher level.”
The Milwaukee, Wisconsin native has many accomplishments throughout his career, starting in high school with first team All-Conference, All-Star and All-Suburban.
While his high school years look successful, Taylor continued to soar in his college years as he played in every game as a freshman with an average of 21 minutes and 9.6 points per game.
“It [coming to Winona State] just felt right as soon as I stepped on campus,” Taylor said. “I felt very welcomed by the coaches and everyone I came across.”
While his first year at Winona State is now four years ago, Taylor has been nothing but celebrated in all of his accomplishments since his initial year on the men’s basketball team.
“It [Winona State] was also a place that I felt I could succeed and make an impact right away,” Taylor continued. “To help this basketball program get back a championship.”
Taylor will be deeply missed by everyone that he has impacted during his collegiate career so far, including outside of athletics, but especially so with his sports achievements. Among this achievements includes breaking two school records.
“I have a couple accomplishments that I am proud of at my time at Winona State,” Taylor said. “These accomplishments include breaking the top ten in three-pointers made of all time at Winona and breaking the record for most threes made in a season last year.”
While Taylor is inarguably an amazing basketball player, he has been nothing but humble through his achievements.
“The goal is to find the best opportunity to put me in a better position to then pursue my goal of becoming a professional basketball player, wherever that may be,” Taylor said.
While Taylor will miss his teammates, coaches and friends at Winona State, he feels nothing but gratitude towards those who have supported him in the past four years as a Warrior.
“The experience and knowledge I’ve gained from the coaching staff, past, present teammates have helped me tremendously,” Taylor said. “To the many dedicated fans and alumni I’ve come across, I sincerely thank you for your support as well.”