Comic workshop, art at any skill level


Nathan Kronbeck

Winona State students participated in a comic-making workshop on Feb. 21, 2023.

Madeline Mill, News Reporter

Winona State University students received the opportunity to create their own comics during a workshop held on Feb. 21, 2023.

At Tuesday’s event, students were provided with blank comic strips already made for them and were told to bring their own drawing tools and imaginations.

Kiri Sannerud, a fourth-year at Winona State, was a key part in the creation of this workshop, but gives most of the credit to Dr. April Herndon, a professor in the English department.

Sannerud wanted people to know that you do not need extraordinary art skills to create comics.

“I feel like a lot of people have this idea that art is an innate talent that they just don’t have, but that’s not true! You can make art at any skill level, and you can improve at any age,” Sannerud said.

This workshop gave many Winona State students a chance to further their interest in comics, or for those who were new to the comic scene, develop their curiosity in the subject.

Makenna Sommer, a third year at Winona State, had never taken an interest in creating comics until the workshop.

“It was something new, but I ended up really liking it,” Sommer said.

This event was formed mainly by professor Herndon as well as students Sannerud and Jensen Drake.

“It wasn’t something I really thought about before, but it was actually pretty fun to do. I would definitely recommend it,” Sommer said.

For students who were already interested in comics, this workshop gave them the chance to get feedback from others as well as talk about their passion.

Along with comics, Sannerud and others discussed graphic design and other creative skills and hobbies.

Sannerud, a studio art major, has been interested in art their entire life with a heavy interest in comics that developed in middle school.

“Read as many comics as you can get your hands on. I also recommend looking into film theory,” Sannerud said.

Sannerud explained how the workshop came to life after Herndon heard about their comic project in Watkins Hall. Herndon was then approached by several other students who expressed an interest in comic design.

Sannerud then created a presentation on the basics of comic making.

“Working on it was interesting because I was making a presentation about art for non-art students,” Sannerud said.

The comic workshop presented a unique opportunity for all students, regardless of skill level, level of interest or major. Hopefully, workshops for specific interests like this will continue to be offered at Winona State.