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The Fall Display Show: Winona’s Neighborhood Celebration

Chris Reed
Display number 5 on Grand Street. The house has skeletons all over. People can vote for their favorite display through October 31st.

The fall display show is a festive, yearly tradition in Winona where residents are able to compete to build the most impressive Halloween display in town. Lots of displays are sights to behold and are definitely worth checking out this fall season. Events like this are part of Winona’s unique, small-town charm. Each display has a yard sign out front with a QR code that you can use to vote for your favorite display. Everybody in town has the chance to get involved, as anybody is able to enter the contest. There is also a QR code online that will lead you to the map of all these locations.

So, what can you expect to find at these displays?

You won’t want to miss out on display #14 in Valley Oaks. Located on Rivers Oak Court, this display will deliver everything from realistic projections to incredible lighting, to phantoms, skeletons, zombies and more. It’s definitely worth seeing and maybe, it’s worth your vote as well.

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Traveling to Winona’s East 7th Street, you will be greeted by a collection of Halloween animatronics and figures that is truly remarkable. From a witch who looks as though she is truly flying on her broom, to a Freddy Kruger figure whose eye might look like they’re following you, to a ghoul who will immediately gain ten feet as it ascends upwards, and roars will positively scare the shizzle out of you. It is most definitely a sight to behold and will possibly be your favorite.

You might have seen it before, but if not, this display is a must-see, year-round. Beetlejuice fans, head over to E Twelfth and Hamilton for the Beetlejuice display of your dreams. At display #2, you’ll find all your favorite characters out front, as well as spooky lights to complement them. Though the house is not always adorned with decorations, it is painted in black and white stripes a la Beetlejuice year-round. Show Beetlejuice some praise and you might just fall in love with this display.

The display to be found at E Belleview St has no shortage of ghoulish delights. Display #12 is complete with skeleton pirates, witches and a cauldron, large dragon statues and a guillotine for the kiddos to try out. This display will surely not disappoint. Maybe it will steal your vote—if you can make it out alive.

The display on Grand Street is not one to be skipped, as there are so many different elements that make this display extraordinary. If you’re a fan of 10-foot skeletons, display #5 is for you. They have three of them, but that’s not all. The number of characters included in this display is truly incredible. From the sidewalk, you can get a closer view of the skeleton puking toxic waste. The mechanism is already very impressive, and the black light above makes it all the brighter and spookier. Make sure to stop by this display as it will surely take your breath away, and maybe your vote as well. Be careful, though. Sometimes Michael Meyers likes to hang out there and he will not hesitate to chase you, even if you’re in a car.

On Marian Street, you’ll find another vast collection of characters. Display #4 is complete with terrifying clowns, werewolves, dolls and more figures that move and won’t fail to give you a fright. However, if that wasn’t enough to scare you, venture into the tunnel of terror where the true frights await. If you’re looking for an interactive display, this is the display for you. If this is the display of your dreams, don’t forget to give them your vote.

Are you scared of spiders? If you weren’t before, display #7 on Fourth and Vila might give you a new fear of them. The house, trees and fence are covered in webs accompanied by two ginormous spiders with glowing red eyes and large, sharp teeth. If you look up, you’ll see the spider’s last victims hanging there. You might be next if you don’t give them your vote.

These are just a few of the amazing Halloween displays on the list. Go show your support if you can and be sure to vote for your favorite display.

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Lucy Severson
Lucy Severson, News Reporter
Lucy Severson is an illustrator and news reporter for the Winonan. She is a second year at Winona State and is majoring in English: Writing and minoring in Film. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her cat, Zazu, attending concerts as much as humanly possible, and eating copious amounts of ramen.  Before working on the Winonan, she worked as a news reporter and illustrator for the Hamline University Oracle. She currently works for the Winona 7, where she enjoys watching movies and eating popcorn to her heart’s content.  When she graduates from Winona State University, she hopes to pursue a career as an author of YA fiction!
Chris Reed
Chris Reed, Photographer
Chris Reed (he/him/they/them) is currently a photographer for the Winonan.
Reed is from Golden Valley, Minnesota, right outside Minneapolis and is a first-year student at Winona State University studying psychology with a minor in photography. He enjoys helping people and making sure they feel heard.
Reed can often be found rock climbing or bouldering; hiking; camping; playing pool, ping pong or board games; practicing cello or bass; or, when time allows, on a roadtrip.

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