Graduating editors: a final goodbye



Allison Mueller – Editor-In-Chief

Years from now when I reflect on my two years as editor-in-chief of The Winonan, I will first think of the amazing editing staff I had the pleasure of working with. I won’t think of the little mistakes we made, or the somewhat big ones that seemed like the end of the world. I am so thankful for the amount of experience I’ve gained through working with the paper and the friendships I have made. It’s hard to step away, but I have total confidence in the new editing staff and can’t wait to see how The Winonan will continue to grow.

Sam Stetzer – News editor

I never thought some of the most memorable parts of my college career would be the Monday nights I’d spend in a pea-soup green office debating fonts, headlines and words. This Winonan office and the people who have filled it have given me so many laughs, memories and support over the last four years, and it’s bittersweet watching it come to an end. I’m so excited to see the strides the upcoming editors will make for this publication.”

Taylor Nyman – Photo editor

There is something special about finding a group of people who share the same passion as you. If life has taught me anything, it is never worry about money. If I cared about money I would never have met the amazing people who I share my love for journalism with. I need photojournalism to fulfill happiness in the heart, and I will never look back. Love you all!

Elizabeth Pulanco – Copy editor

Working with the Winonan has been a wonderful and memorable experience. The skills I have learned in the Winonan office, from working with AP Style to learning how to use Snapchat, have been beneficial for my personal and professional development. I am thankful for all of the experiences I’ve been able to share with the editing and reporting staff. Everyone brought something special and made their own mark on the Winonan and I cannot wait to see what you all do in the future. Don’t throw away your shots!