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Son of a

Son of a bleach…er

November 16, 2016

Letter: one last go around

Allison Mueller

September 3, 2014

Julia Sand/ Winonan Three years ago I started my first semester at Winona State University. I was absolutely terrified and already thinking of ways to get back home. I was asking things like what kind of two-year programs do...

Grad Finale sale: seniors getting ready to go


November 13, 2013

Elizabeth Pulanco/Winonan The Student Activity Center was flooded with Winona State University seniors on Nov. 8. Caps, gowns and class rings were sold to eager students ready for the next major transition in their life. Senior...

Students and faculty form advising task force


February 6, 2013

Julia Sand/Winonan Student Senate President Alexandra Griffin and Academic Affairs Chairperson Sam Schurman are leading a task force to find ways Winona State University can improve Advising Services. Griffin said this Friday...

A real world view from a recent Winona State University graduate


September 26, 2012

Kendal Miller/Guest View For the past 18 years August meant, school supplies, a class list, new books and new clothes and being reunited with friends, but not this time. The excitement of August wasn’t the same this...

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