Dogs of the week: best brothers, best buds


Morgan Reddekopp

Happy first birthday to Rudy and Zeus!

Morgan Reddekopp, Editor-in-Chief

Rudy and Zeus have been friends since the day they met. Both recently turned one. Rudy is a multipoo and Zeus is a black lab. They enjoy wrestling with each other, as well as cuddling with their owner, the Winonan’s own dog reporter Morgan Reddekopp.

Rudy is very playful and enjoys barking at the neighbor’s, as well as adding to his twig collection. Zeus is more serious and enjoys training to be a hunting dog. After a long day of chasing birds, he can be found taking a long nap on his favorite couch.

Reddekopp loves both her dogs equally and enjoys giving them pats and cuddles. 5/5 paws.