Biology class informs students on parasites


Natalie Tyler

Duke enjoys the attention at the “Pups for Parasite Prevention” event on Thursday, April 5 at the gazebo. Baked goods and dog treats were sold to raise awareness about the dangers parasites pose to dogs and why treatment is important.

Kellen Brandt, Features Reporter

Students enrolled in “Parasitology,” a class at Winona State University, hosted “Pups for Parasite Prevention” at the gazebo on Thursday, April 5.

Many students in the class were at the event selling baked goods for humans and treats for dogs, talking about the dangers of parasites, and informing students on why treating parasites is important.

The purpose of the event was to help bring awareness to the dangers of parasites to dogs. Many people only know about common parasites such as ticks, so it is important to inform pet owners about the more dangerous side of parasites that dog owners cannot see.

Rachel Amborn, a junior clinical laboratory science major, was working at the event.

“All proceeds the event makes are going to the Winona Area Humane Society so they can keep treating the dogs that come in with parasites,” Amborn said.   

Throughout the day, students hosting the event brought seven different dogs to campus for the students to play with and pet. The students hosting the event made sure to introduce their dogs and tell everyone a little bit about their dog.

Some of the dogs at the event were: Ella, a five-year-old Black Lab, Bernie, a one and a half-year-old Golden Retriever and Nitro, a Labradoodle whose best friend is a cat named George.

“The event had a big turnout. Many students stopped by quick to pet a dog and others stayed for a while playing with all the dogs,” Amborn said.

Alyssa Younker, first-year elementary education major, attended the event.

“It was such a stress reliever to walk past a bunch of sweet looking puppers and even get the chance to stop and play with them. Everyone at the event has such a big smile on their face, you can really tell they are enjoying seeing the dogs,” Younker said.

Maddie Warder, first-year communications major, also attended the event.

“I got to walk past the dogs a couple of times today and each time it made me smile seeing all the happy pups running around playing and being pet by all the students,” Warder said.   

Many students enjoyed seeing and petting the dogs, but for some students it was more than just a mood booster. For Noah Mruz, a first-year film studies major, it was eye-opening to learn about the dangers of parasites for dogs.

“It really made me miss my dog back home and realize that I haven’t been super involved with my dog’s vet visits,” Mruz said. “I had no idea how many different kind of parasites dogs can get. Seeing all the dangers of parasites, I want to be more involved and start going to the vet and asking questions about parasites to make sure my dog is healthy.”

Many students at the event donated money, bought treats for themselves and treats for their own dogs back home to help raise money for the Humane Society.

“I have been to the Humane Society in Winona a couple of times so knowing the money was going to a good local cause made me feel good about donating,” Younker said. “I’m glad the money is going somewhere local because sometimes I feel like the smaller places get forgotten about.”

Students at Winona State hope to see more events like this around campus.

“There’s nothing better than petting some dogs on my way to class,” Mruz said. “Winona needs more events like this because students go crazy for dogs, especially helping dogs to be healthier.”