Winona State celebrates Chinese Moon Festival

Winona State celebrates Chinese Moon Festival

Hannah Hippensteel, Features Reporter

Winona State University celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 4-9 p.m. in East Hall, where the Chinese Student Society orchestrated a three-part celebration, which included games, dinner and a DJ-led dance party.

The moon festival, also known as the mid-autumn fest, signified a time to celebrate people’s harvests and a reunion of family.

The moon festival always falls around the 15th day in the lunar calendar’s eight month.

Ge Wang, president of the Chinese Student Society, explained what went into the preparation and execution of this festival. To her, the festival stuck out as a good chance for representation of Chinese culture.

“This festival is cool because people are curious about us. They want to know more about us, our culture and we’re ready to welcome them,” Wang said.

Events like the Chinese Moon Festival bring examples of diversity to Winona State annually.

The night began with riddles, “beer” pong, a dice and chopsticks game, Chinese character drawing and a table on Chinese tea culture, complete with samples.

“The pong game tied the American students to the experience,” Wang said.

As the night progressed, singing and dancing performances accompanied the authentic eight-entrée, one dessert cuisine that was served.

The club’s advisors, Pingping Zhang and Weidong Zhang, said the Chinese Student Society (CSS) worked especially hard this year to showcase diversity.

Pingping Zhang involved herself with the club because she wanted to work with international students.

“When I first started, I was aware that the club was fairly inactive. I wanted to take initiative to help it thrive,” Pingping Zhang said.

Since then, Pingping Zhang has worked closely with the club to promote ideas of diversity and oversee the club as they prepare for events like the moon festival.

For Zhang, there is room for all those who want to find diversity on campus, and it depends on where people look for involvement.

Events like the moon festival encouraged non-Chinese students to explore different cultures and create a big family atmosphere.

Pingping Zhang said lots of changes were made in the structure of the festival, like beginning with games, and that she looked forward to seeing the member’s hard work unfold.

Weidong Zhang shared his anticipations for the moon festival.

“It’s a time to get together and feel at home. It also helps bring new cultures to the community and celebrate,” Weidong Zhang said.

The festival concluded with a party led by a DJ who specialized in electronic dance music.

Because the advisors attend the event with multiple roles, Pingping Zhang had a last thought about the importance of attendance at cultural events.

“Events like these help the attendees learn different cultures, share in different experiences, and help every student on campus grow by seeing not only differences but also our commonalities,” Pingping Zhang said.