Editorial: Next week’s centennial reprint

Editorial: Next week’s centennial reprint

Zach Bailey, Editor-In-Chief

For those who have not heard, Monday, Oct. 28 is the official 100th anniversary of the Winonan’s first printing at Winona State University.

To commemorate this historic occasion, next week’s issue of the Winonan will feature a reprint of the first issue, which was published on Oct. 28, 1919.

Before the Winona State student newspaper was called “The Winonan,” there was a three year period from 1919-22 where the student newspaper was titled “The Pow-Wow.”

Looking back on this, we understand that the former name of the student newspaper is no longer in good taste.

We do not condone or approve of the student newspaper’s former name. That being said, however, we have decided to not remove or censor the prior name of the student newspaper, in hopes to both embrace our past (all flaws included) and so as not to try to “rewrite” or “censor” our history.

Though we understand that the prior name is not culturally sensitive, we also understand that the name was a product of its time.

If you wish to respond with questions or thoughts on the decision, the Winonan is always accepting letters to the editor, and can be sent to my email below.

Zach Bailey