The story of Jordan Lindgren

The story of Jordan Lindgren

Maurice Hudson, Sports Reporter

The words “not good enough” strike feelings of inadequacy in anyone who hears it.

“Not” – used as a substitute for a negative clause.

“Good” – to be desired or approved of.

“Enough” – as much or as many as required.

Not good enough.

Jordan Lindgren has experienced those words stringed together throughout his football career.

This is Jordan’s story from his eyes:

I have heard that phrase many times throughout my football career.

I went from being cut freshman year in high school to becoming the go-to wideout my junior and senior years.

Getting major interest from a handful of division-III schools and minor interest from two division-II schools, I wasn’t destined for anything further than that.

No scholarship, no offers, no invitations, no rank, just interest.

Coming off of an adequate high school campaign, I decided to take my skills to Winona State University to try to extend my football career.

By walking on.

Freshman year.

Tryouts and workouts with the team were harder than I expected.

I’m sluggish, tired, not ready, compared to the rest of the players who were competing for spots along with the rest of the team.

I’m working my hardest.

I know that I’m here for a reason, I need to show them what I have to offer.

Mid-workout the coach calls me into the room.

“The room”

This is the place where many football players’ careers die.

“Oh no” I think to myself.

I was sitting there with my heart racing and my teeth clattering, waiting for the coach to talk to me.

The first three words he says are “I am sorry.”

My heart dropped to my stomach.

I came to Winona State to get cut but, I was not done yet.

Sophomore year.

I need to come in stronger, faster and smarter than last year.

Same workout as last year.

The workouts were hard, but I’m ready.

I’m running routes, catching everything, and being the player that I know that I can be.

“Hey, I got through the workout,” I tell myself.

Coach calls me into the room again.

My heart is pounding, knowing that I have been down this road.

“Son, you’re not good enough,” he says.

Not good enough, those dreadful words.

At this point many people would quit but, that was not my intention.

I want to make that team.

I want to grace the Warrior colors.

Junior year, here we are.

Although I’ve been cut the first two years of my college career, I’m still hungry and wanting to prove doubters wrong.

Opening workouts, the same as the first two years.

Showing out and beating positioned players at their own game.

Surprising myself, other players and doubters that I truly belong and enough is enough.

Lining up at the line of scrimmage and getting ready for the next play, I hear the coach calling my name.

“Not again,” I said.

He calls me into the room.

Yes, the room.

As he sits down, my body is filled with disappointment, sadness and regret.

Wondering what I did wrong this time.

My heart starts pumping as he says, “you stubborn bastard, you’ve must have been working this off-season.”

And from then on, it marked the start of my collegiate football career.

If I listened to what they said and quit, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

The phrase “not good enough” pushed me to where I am today.


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