Regan Feit: Fastest feet of the Midwest


Contributed by: Pete Watkins

Regan Feit competing in the Minnesota State University, Mankato track meet. Feit set a meet record by reaching a 1:39.05 in the 600-meter race. Competing in her second year as an athlete on the Winona State University Track and Field team, she is looking to improve her game and become even more of a leader.

Kailey Doeseckle, Sports Editor

Nestled in the very southwest corner of Minnesota sits the small town of Luverne where Regan Feit, a second-year at Winona State University, grew up. It was there that her love for sports bloomed into something much more than just a childhood pastime.  

Beginning her sports career early, Feit started with figure skating and eventually found a love for hockey when she was only in third grade. Though, high school brought with it a new array of opportunities to showcase the skills she had always known.  

“I have been running for as long as I can remember and have always had a love for the sport,” Feit said. “Don’t get me wrong, I loved hockey in high school, but just loved track a little more.”  

So, Feit’s love for the sport followed her into the next chapter of her life. 

After her recruit visit with Coach Mason Rebarchek, Feit felt drawn in by the excellent chemistry and tight-knit bond among the players and quickly determined that she had found her place with the Winona State Track and Field Team.  

It certainly seemed to have been the perfect choice. 

Feit’s teammates have been nothing short of amazing, welcoming the younger students with open arms. The upperclassmen have done well in setting wonderful examples of how hard work and dedication can create success both inside and out of the sport. 

While they spend much of their time together at practice, the team also enjoys spending their downtime with one another, coming together on the weekends to enjoy each other’s company between meets.  

“I wouldn’t want to be spending my collegiate track career with anybody else,” Feit said. “We are all just a really big family.”  

Feit works to improve after every practice and meet. Some of the tactics she uses includes using mental imagery to visualize the outcome of meets in order to prevent nerves from taking over.

Despite being a younger member of the team, Feit has not felt much pressure to attempt to make a name for herself with the massive amount of support she receives from both her teammates and the coaches. By following in their examples, Feit has no doubt that everything will fall into place for her as she continues her journey as a Warrior.  

Though, it is not just friendship that Feit gained from being a part of the team. 

As someone who is quite injury prone, Feit has had to learn when to push herself and when to let herself heal. As an athlete, it becomes difficult to take a break from practice after creating a routine.  

Disruption of this routine can be devastating, and it certainly can be difficult to accept that everything will turn out alright when in such a state, but Feit has found that with the help of her newfound family, an untreated injury will only make it harder to jump back into the sport she loves, and that patience will always be an assisting factor in her success.  

With this altered mindset, preparing for meets has become much easier for Feit.  

Feit has also brought with her some tactics that were strongly advocated for by her coaches in high school. This includes using mental imagery to visualize the outcome of meets in order to prevent nerves from taking over and inhibiting performance.  

While her team might attest that she is quite the stoic competitor, Feit assures that she is very good at hiding her nervousness. Working with her fellow Warriors and managing any anxious feelings that arise before a meet has become a part of that important routine, and one that will stick with her for several years to come.  

Feit’s excellent performance certainly showcases not only these mental skills, but her not-so-simple ability to run fast as well!  

Feit’s main goal at every meet is to simply give her all. In doing so, rather than considering every unfavorable race a loss, she leaves knowing that she did the best that she could that day, aiming for an even better result during the next competition.  

For the next few years, Feit will continue to hone her skills in the competition.  

“I hope to be able to continue to lead in the same way that the upperclassmen have,” Feit said. “By following in their steps and putting a little of my own pizazz into it, I feel that I will leave my mark on this amazing team.” 

With an excellent record already this season and several more meets to come, there is no doubt that the young talent will only continue to grow and thrive as a teammate, a competitor and a leader.