Coming soon: Winona Axe & Arcade


Carolyn Hauschild

Winona Mall is introducing a new Axe throwing and Arcade center that will open on May 4, 2023. The business is affiliated with the wor- ld axe throwing league and will run a variety of leagues themselves.

Lillianna Van De Walker, Features Reporter

A fun new hangout, Winona Axe & Arcade, will open on Thursday, May 4 in the Winona Mall. With recognizable potential, Tyler Trones is confident that his new business will be a success. 

Winona Axe & Arcade will offer plenty of fun activities for everyone. Not only will the entertainment venue feature 21 targets for axe, hatchet and knife throwing, but it will also feature an arcade with about 40 new and retro games. The venue will also have a bar, offering beer, sodas and snacks.

Located in the Winona Mall, Winona Axe & Arcade will also be working with a couple of local restaurants. Trones said they plan to have a short menu offering a selection of food from restaurants like Backwoods, Ocean Sushi, Dominoes and more.

Working alongside Tim Sexton and Mark Sultan, Trones has made his idea for the business come to life in a short four months. Trones explained that they started constructing the establishment in the middle of January 2023. 

Winona Axe & Arcade is affiliated with the world axe throwing league and will run hatchet leagues, knife leagues, big axe leagues and more. They are also planning to host a big annual tournament.

“This place will draw people from all across the country,” Trones said. “It will be a destination for axe throwers from all over.”

Trones explained that he got the idea for the business from working at an axe-throwing venue which was located next to an arcade that Sexton owns in Eau Claire, Wis. 

“[Sexton] and I were talking and I was just like, you know, I think if I was to open one up, I could do it better,” Trones said. “He’s like ‘Well, let’s do it.’”

Trones explained that they are looking to hire about three employees to add to their team and possibly a couple of part-time workers as well. 

“The right kind of people, you know, outgoing, catches on to axe-throwing pretty quick I would hope,” Trones said when explaining the kind of people he would be looking to hire.

According to Trones, the hardest part about making their idea for the business come to life was building out the venue. Trones built all of the tables, benches, the bar, and essentially all the woodwork by himself. They also had a muralist from Eau Claire come down to paint all the murals in the venue.

Trones believes Winona Axe & Arcade will start off with great success. He explained that people are already talking about the opening and are excited to check it out.

“I think it will be busy and stay busy,” Trones said.

Starting next year, Winona Axe & Arcade will be hosting a big annual tournament. Trones said it will have a big prize pool. He explained that he foresees that people from all over the country will come to compete and throw.

“I’m thinking that more than likely we’re gonna hopefully be voted world axe-throwing leagues number one destination and I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be,” Trones said confidently when asked where he sees the business in five years in terms of success.

“We’re here, this is gonna be the spot. Come throw some stuff,” Trones said excitedly.