Player Profile: Junior setter Bre Maloney

Player Profile: Junior setter Bre Maloney

Austin Wallert, Sports Reporter

Junior setter Bre Maloney has helped set the Winona State University’s volleyball team on a path to a possible conference championship and maybe more.

As the Warriors sit at 12-2 on the season, Maloney talked about what persuade her to Winona State.

“I wanted to go to a D-II program because I care about school too, and Winona was a good balance between the two [school and volleyball],” Maloney said. “Winona is also in the most competitive league in division-II sports as nine of our 16 teams are in the top-25 of the nation right now.”

Maloney also touched on the fact that she liked the coaching staff and the drive they had.

After beating No. 19 University of Sioux Falls and No. 8 Southwest Minnesota State University last weekend, reaching number one seems like a very good possibility.

So, what does a typical day look like for Maloney and other volleyball players at Winona State?

“I wake up and go right to class.  I have class up until 2 p.m. and if I have any breaks I’ll be at the library,” Maloney said.  “With extra reps and lifting, I have volleyball from about 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., then after that I go home and make dinner quick before I spend the rest of my night back at the library.”

With four hours a day dedicated to practicing, Maloney had to know the art of the set assist. Especially since she has the record for all time set assist in a single set, match, season and career back in high school in Roseville.

“It’s a lot of repetition, you want to have soft hands, but it doesn’t really matter how you set it,” Maloney said.  “The main thing is tricking the block on the other side.  So, trying to be a tricky setter and knowing who to set it to is more important than the actual set.”

Maloney said she usually picks where the set is going based on the pass and where the defensive players are on the court, which she notices through her peripherals.

Maloney also has talents off the volleyball court.

“I can touch my tongue to my nose,” Maloney said.

Although Maloney can touch her tongue to her nose, she is unable to reach her elbow.

Right now, Maloney is a junior at Winona State, but if she could do anything in the world, she would fly a plane, a strange wish being that her biggest fear is heights. More specifically heights where the platform is unstable, so a hot air balloon is a big no.

Keep up with Maloney and the rest of the volleyball team this Friday and Saturday as they take on No. 15 Wayne State and Augustana University here in McCown Gymnasium.