Libby Neveau: The Final Season


Contributed by Elizabeth Neveau

Neveau on a throw during last season from infield.

Kailey Doeseckle, Sports Editor

Fourth-year Elizabeth “Libby” Neveau tried just about every sport under the sun growing up but could never find one in which she was entirely passionate about. It was not until her biggest role model declared softball as her preferred sport that Neveau decided it would also be where she would flourish.  

Neveau grew up in Oshkosh, Wis. with her parents and her older brother. It was there that her family introduced her to outdoor activities like boating and snowmobiling which eventually opened a gateway to team sports in school.  

Among other sports, Neveau played softball throughout all four years of high school. Amongst the undefeated team, she learned to love the sport for what it was, as well as for the memories she made with it. 

“We always had a competitive team and won state my senior year,” Neveau said. “I am still very close with many of my high school teammates and coaches, and I cherish the memories.” 

It was only natural for Neveau to continue her athletic journey into the next big step in her life. 

Throughout the recruiting process, Neveau found that the Winona State University softball program was a standout option amongst others with its emphasis on playing with passion and performing as a team.  

The team atmosphere and culture of the program itself were what drew Neveau in, but it was the familial feel to the program that was truly the deciding factor.  

“I have always been on a super close-knit team,” Neveau said. “Finding this in college was very important to me.”  

Though, choosing Winona State as her future alma mater did not stem solely on the softball program. Neveau was also searching for a school where the academics and the location were as loveable as the athletics.  

Locationally, Winona is just three hours away from Oshkosh, a perfect distance for Neveau to feel as though she was independent, but close enough to where her family was never out of reach. The beautiful scenery Winona offered was just another push towards her final decision.  

Academically, Neveau knew that she could be successful in the classroom while simultaneously being challenged to be the best student possible at Winona State.  

But it is not just in the classroom that Neveau found herself learning. 

“There are so many things that I have learned from my coaches and teammates that it is hard to put in words,” Neveau said. “Some things are so little but make a very strong impact.” 

Every day is a new learning opportunity with her team, and it is not just softball skills. 

From a shy and timid girl in her first-year, Neveau has blossomed into someone who can use her voice effectively both on and off the field. Communication is a big part of softball and trusting her voice will only encourage her and her team to grow. 

Neveau found that both her mental and physical strength has also grown tremendously since her first year.  

The teams’ practices are specifically designed to challenge the players so they may determine for themselves what their mind and bodies are capable of and strive to push themselves farther every day.  

The effort Neveau has made in improving her skills and becoming a player she can feel proud of is a significant reason why she has become an excellent leader amongst her younger teammates.  

“Libby is a tremendous ambassador for this team,” Head Coach Gregory Jones said. “She lifts others up with her work ethic and attention to detail.”  

Neveau strives to simply take everything in and be a prominent force that pushes her teammates to be the best they can be. Coming in with a contagiously positive attitude, she sets a high bar for everyone and leads through an example of what it takes to be a tremendous Warrior.  

The goal of the Winona State softball program is to play at the highest level possible and push the team to be the best version of themselves possible. They prepare each day to make that happen.  

“It takes honesty and accountability, leadership and love,” Jones said. “It will not always be easy, but if we can be consistent in our efforts and messaging the results will follow.” 

Leaders like Neveau are vital to that approach.  

With it being her last year playing as a Warrior, Neveau set a personal goal to simply cherish every moment.  

For Neveau, every feeling on the field, every bus ride, every team meal and every hard day at practice is worth the time she is giving. 

“It is hard to absorb everything that happens in the season,” Neveau said. “But being present in the moment and creating lasting, impactful relationships with my teammates is what I want to do.” 

Neveau is entirely grateful to her coaches and teammates for shaping her into the confident, passionate and joyful person she is today.  

In the summer, Neveau will be moving to Nashville, Tenn., to attend Belmont University to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. The Warrior community will proudly send her off to her next adventure with newfound skills and memories to last a lifetime.