Madsen talks golf, Winona and future


Natalie Tyler

Junior golfer Brady Madsen poses into front of a building on campus. Madsen was named the 2019 NSIC preseason player of the year.

Maurice Hudson, Sports Reporter

In his upcoming season, Winona State University junior golfer Brady Madsen is striving for the best and to come out on top.

While he has developed a skill at the sport, Madsen actually got into golfing through “sheer boredom” throughout the summer.

“I was always a baseball guy, but in the summertime, we didn’t really have anything to do, so we just went to the golf course. We got there from the summer,” Madsen said.

Madsen said being at Winona State  benefits his game in a great fashion.

He explained that having a new indoor facility to practice his game throughout the winter and having assets such as Jeff Straight, his head coach, helps give him and the rest of the team a competitive edge.

Madsen said Straight plays a large role in his overall game and upbringing.

“He plays a big role, yeah, I’ve always been pretty weak on the mental part of my game but since I’ve been here he’s really worked with me on that,” Madsen said. “And it’s definitely improved a lot and that’s probably becoming one of the better parts of my game.”

Madsen recently won Minnesota State Open this summer and was named the 2019 NSIC preseason player of the year.

He discussed how the accolades and wins affect his game going forward.

“I have a lot of confidence in my game knowing that I can do that and beat, you know, the top players in the state so it just gives me a lot of confidence, I guess. To know that I can do it and I can keep doing it and focus on being better,” Madsen said.

Madsen explained where he sees himself in the future past his Winona State stint.

“Depending on where I’m at and in a couple of years I’ll probably consider moving down south. Just being able to practice for a year and then, potentially where I’m at, maybe try and go pro and see what we got going with that but other than that. Just find a job.”

Madsen and the golf team will be back in action in the Super Regional Preview, which will begin on Sunday, Sept. 29.